Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Darndest Things

We were driving to daycare this morning and out of nowhere Aaron asks "do we have to run Harpers sometimes?"
"Harpers. Do we have to run Harpers sometimes?"
"Honey, I don't even know what that question means."
"Do we have to run HARPERS. You know, like sometimes we run Aarons?"

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Life With Henny Youngman

I swear, Harper does cute stuff, but Aaron is just more verbal, so he gets more airtime. I have to appreciate the amusing things when they show up. It bolsters me for the next 54780985202 stories about trucks, trains, John Deere tractors, and random nonsense he comes up with.

Tonight we couldn't figure out what to eat, and I suggested that someone, namely, not me, go to the store and get a frozen pizza. Aaron quickly replied "I do not LIKE frozen pizza! I only like pizza when it's hot. Not really hot, but maybe warm. But not frozen pizza. It hurts my teeth."

So after feeding him a healthy and nutritious dinner of frozen pizza (albeit warmed in the oven), it's off to bed for stories, including Dinosaur Days. At the end Aaron snuggled down into the pillow to fall asleep and asked something about sitting on a stegosaurus, or petting a tyrannosaurus rex, or whatever. He was trying to figure out this "extinct" thing mentioned in the book, and when he asked if the dinosaurs were ever coming back, in fatigue I bluntly said "nope."
"But maybe someday soon?"
"No, never."
He was still for a minute and snuggled further down in his pillow, and burst into sobs, because he "really wanted to hold a baby protoceratops in his haaaaaaands!"